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Do I Really Need High Octane Gas?

As the fuel prices continue to rise with no sign of future decrease, many drivers today are beginning to wonder if they really need to be paying the extra cost for the high octane fuel. The answer to this question is quite simple, no. Unless you are driving one of the very few, high performance vehicles which requires this type of gasoline for the specialized engine, it is not necessary. There is no performance gain for the average vehicle by choosing to pay for high octane gas. Since the creation of this premium form of fuel, it has made drivers throughout the USA feel better about what they are putting into their cars but your engine does not know the difference.

In general, any vehicle manufactured after 1985 should run perfectly fine on regular octane gasoline. The majority of these engines run on low compression ratios and this is perfect for plain, regular gasoline. The best way to know if regular fuel is good enough for your car is to listen. If you hear a knocking or banging from your engine than it may be worth the extra dime per gallon to invest in the high octane gas if this is what your car is already used to. After so many years of using premium fuel, it can be hard to down grade, on the other hand upgrading is easier and less damaging to your engine. You do not want to hear knocking within your engine, the cost to repair this damage is far more than what you are paying for gas.

When you use high octane fuel within an engine which does not really need it, experts report that this causes the gas to not burn efficiently. Therefore you are further contributing to the environmental problem associated with greenhouse gas emissions and not saving any more money on fuel, you may be actually spending more this way. Test your vehicle and see how it accepts a down grade to regular octane gas and if it accepts it this is a great way to save on fuel for the long run.

No matter what your current financial situation is, the ability to continually afford the rising cost of fuel is not within everyone’s means and this is where gas saving techniques comes in handy. You are not hurting your car in any way by putting regular fuel in the tank and professionals have stated in more occasions than one that there is no additional performance acceleration with high octane fuel. Save your hard earned money and use it towards where you need it most. This fuel crisis is only going to continue and this is why taking the precautions to alter every way you drive and utilize your vehicle can help you save more money per year than you think.

Get rid of the notion that high octane gas is the key to an efficiently running car, this is a misconception which is costing you a great deal of money.