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Shopping for a Fuel Efficient Car

With so much talk about fuel efficient vehicles on the market today, as a consumer in the market for a new car it can be hard to know which ones really save you the most money. With no end in sight when it comes to the constant rise of the oil and fuel prices, this is information which can be quite valuable to you. Let’s first start by reviewing the facts about the strongly marketed Hybrid. This is a term we have all heard dozens of times and may by now believe is the answer to our fuel problems. It is true that this vehicle runs on both a fuel engine as well as a battery. This means that you are using less then half of the fuel you would in a regular vehicle.

With this being said, you may be wondering what the problems are. Well, the first and foremost problem associated with the Hybrids is generally they are too expensive for the average household to afford. The only solution for this is to lease a Hybrid or wait for the release of the dozens of new models which are on the way and hope for a price break. The next problem is that you have to maintain a service two separate power sources, one of which is quite new and therefore quite expensive to maintain if break downs occur. Although you may be thinking you will save a bundle on fuel, your costs are hidden in the overall price of the vehicle and maintenance.

The electric car is one that is attracting attention in its own right as well. You will find that electric cars are smaller and more aerodynamic then any other vehicle you have seen before. The electric Hybrid offers a combination of both electric motor and fuel but there are cars out there today which are strictly electric. The batteries within these cars need to be charged from a coal fire grid. It is something like charging your cell phone battery, it takes about one night and the battery can be used until it is dead, just like an empty gas tank. The main problem with these cars is that the battery will no doubt need to be replaced within 3-5 years and this can be a $5,000 expense that many consumers cannot afford regularly.

Ethanol is attracting a great deal of attention as a renewable fuel source to replace crude oil. There are several vehicles which have been created already to date to run on this alternative form of fuel, although it is not yet available mainstream like the Hybrid. The major problem associated with this fuel is that it is not as energy dense as gasoline and this brings down fuel efficiency by 25-30%. The only way you can be a candidate for an ethanol vehicle if you are close to an ethanol dealer where you can receive this fuel alternative.

Now with all this information regarding the new forms of fuel and fuel efficient vehicles you should be able to make an informed decision which option is not only best for the environment but for your wallet as well. Everyone has a different financial situation and therefore they have a different choice that is best for them; only with the best information can you make the right decision. For many people the best option is still the Hybrid to date but this does not mean other options are coming in the future. Make your decision based on your current income and how much you have to spend on a new vehicle including the maintenance required.